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What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn at the Recording Connection?

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Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Producing Curriculum


Not only do we offer an industry standard curriculum compiled by actual working professionals, but we teach it in a way no other school can boast: one-on-one, with a real producer/engineer, in a real recording studio. Imagine learning to record and mix while sitting right there at the console of a real control room, your mentor giving you his undivided attention. The freedom to ask any question you’d like. No one else in the room to compete for your mentor’s attention. Hands-on training with real recording projects. Our curriculum covers everything you need to know in order to become a successful music producer or audio engineer—from microphone placement and signal flow to software training on Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton and more. Even more importantly, your mentor has the ability to tailor your curriculum to your own interests. Do you lean towards hip-hop and beat making? Pop? Heavy metal? We’ve got a mentor for that! We’ll match you with just the right person to teach you privately in the studio. We challenge you to name one other training program that does all this. (Hint: there aren’t any. Recording Connection is the only one.)
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Learn the Ins and Outs of Audio Engineering and Music Producing


Curriculum is important, but no curriculum can truly teach you the secrets and tricks of the trade. That only happens in real, professional recording studios, and we’re the only school that puts you there. In this competitive field, you’re going to need more than book learning to be successful. Our mentors have 20-30 years of proven experience, and they’re eager to teach you the stuff you can’t learn in the curriculum. Learning on-the-job as an apprentice gives you the insider’s advantage that no other school can offer.
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Learn Hands-On At a Real Recording Studio


Most audio schools are equipped with the same types of gear, but you can’t learn that gear if you have to compete with 40-50 other students to get to it. The exclusive one-on-one training at The Recording Connection solves that problem. When you’re learning in the studio, it’s just you, your mentor—and the gear.
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Learn at a Recording Studio in One-on-One Private Sessions


Not only do you have unprecedented access to the gear, but with one-on-one training, you also have someone with you in the studio who has years of experience using that gear to make a living. There’s no better way to learn recording techniques, and this is how Recording Connection students learn every day.
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Learn How to Record and Product Music


Ask any recording professional, and he/she will tell you the best way to learn to record and produce is to be part of actual recording sessions. At The Recording Connection, your education includes sitting in on real sessions, learning how to work with seasoned acts and novices alike. Learn to record, mix and master for clients, or learn to record your own stuff. We give you the practical, real-world instruction you won’t find anywhere else but in the studio.
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Build Connections in the Audio Industry


In this business, “who you know” matters almost more than “what you know.” No matter how good you are at producing and recording, you’ll still need to catch a few breaks in order to make it, and the best way to get those breaks is through making connections and networking. The more people who know you and what you can do, the better your chances of getting hired. Working as an apprentice in a real recording studio puts you in direct, close contact with real industry professionals who could very well give you your “big break.” Only The Recording Connection gets you this close to the people who make things happen.
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Recording Connection Helps You Promote Yourself


Social media has begun to play a huge role in making connections around the world, and the recording industry is no exception. That’s why The Recording Connection includes an online course in social media and virtual promotion for all students. We’ll teach you how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and other virtual outlets to make connections, build relationship with your existing connections, and market yourself to possible clients. You’ll also have the added benefit of connecting to our own rapidly growing social media presence, giving you even more online access.
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Become an Audio Professional


We’re not talking about “suit-and-tie” professional (most people don’t wear suits and ties in the studio). We’re talking about being professional in your business dealings, knowing your stuff, acting responsibly, being reliable, building a great reputation in the industry. This is the stuff the books won’t teach you, but we will—by putting you in the heart of the professional music industry, surrounded by professionals who make a living doing this every day.
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Interact with Real Clients as You Learn


As an audio engineer or music producer, your clients represent the food on your table. Learning to work with clients professionally, with all their expectations, egos and foibles, is a key to succeeding in the music business. As you apprentice with your mentor in the studio, you’ll learn firsthand how to treat the clients, how to give them what they ask for, and how to keep them coming back (and sending their friends).
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Develop Entrepreneurial Skills


You just thought you were training to be an audio engineer. The truth is, you’ll be working in a recording studio built and run by entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised at how many careers in the music industry are self-made, which is why you need to learn entrepreneurial skills, not just technical skills. (Just another reason why you should learn in a real recording studio. We’re placing you with people who know how to sell themselves.)
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