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This Sounds Too Good to Be True!


We get this a lot, and we understand. Given the high cost of education these days, and all the other schools who give inflated promises but don’t really deliver, you certainly have the right to be skeptical. We understand how the idea of a no-nonsense, in-studio training program like ours that enables you to get trained one –on-one by a real music producer or audio engineer can seem too good to be true—especially considering our costs are so low.



At The Recording Connection Audio Institute, our enrollment process is designed to allow you (and your family, if they choose) to view the recording studio firsthand before you ever make a commitment to attend. Once our Admissions Department has talked with you and approved you, we will arrange for you to have an open-house orientation and interview at the studio where you will have your lessons. You and your family can tour the facility meet the mentor/instructor face-to-face, and ask whatever questions you have, all at absolutely no cost to you.

In case you didn’t catch that last part—NO COST. No application fees, no start-up costs of any kind. NO CHARGE.


Here are the steps in our current enrollment process. Please look them over and show them to any family or friends who might be helping you with your education costs:

STEP ONE: Apply to the program. CLICK HERE to APPLY FOR FREE.

STEP TWO: You’ll be contacted by one of our Admissions representatives within 48 hours after your application is received—or you can call us at (604) 259-0585 and ask to speak to an Admissions Counselor.

STEP THREE: Discuss the possibility of attending The Recording Connection Audio Institute with family and significant others. Specifically, please consider the following points:

  1. We are the only recording school that gets you into a real recording studio.
  2. We are the only recording school offers one-on-one instruction with a real professional music producer, one-on-one (in other words, private instruction) at the sound board.
  3. We have one of the lowest tuition rates in the industry ($12,772 CAD with everything included: books, software, your own copy of Pro Tools, and Job Placement assistance—all that you need to complete the program).

We also recommend that you show these 4 pages to your family:

STEP FOUR: If you need Financial Assistance, please call our Financial Assistance Department at (604) 259-0585 to apply for it at NO CHARGE. If you don’t need Financial Assistance, just skip this step.

STEP FIVE: We schedule an OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW for you at the studio where you will be studying. Talk to your Head Of Admissions the day before your Open House Interview so we can prepare you. Then go to the interview (either alone or with your family).

STEP SIX: If you and your family like what you see (and the mentor agrees to take you on as an apprentice), your enrollment is complete.

STEP SEVEN: Begin your apprenticeship inside the recording studio.


1) You mention that the mentor must agree to take me on as an apprentice. Don’t you accept everyone?
No—our process is actually selective. We don’t utilize full-time instructors with our program; our mentors are professional working music producers and audio engineers who are agreeing to take our students into their actual studios. They only agree to do this for students who show passion, motivation, and a good work ethic. When you or your child attends the OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW, you aren’t just interviewing the mentor; the mentor is interviewing you to see if he or she is willing to take you (or your child) on as an apprentice. We base acceptance or denial on the mentor’s decision.

2) Is it really true that you don’t charge any application fees?
Yes, it is absolutely true. We charge no application fees, start-up fees, deposits or any other preliminary charges, period. You only pay your tuition costs upon final approval (or payments with interest, based on the financial arrangements you make). We also have established a fair REFUND POLICY, which you can view here.

3) What are your credentials?
You can view our official credentials and endorsements by clicking here.

4) Just so we are clear: are you saying I can go to the recording studio and talk to the mentor about the curriculum and the training before I pay anything?
Absolutely. You will not pay anything until you see the program with your own eyes first.

5) Will they ask me for money at the recording studio?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. The Recording Connection is a fully accredited school, and your mentor will NOT ask you for money at the open house interview.

6) If I go to the recording studio for the open house interview and I don’t like what I see, am I obligated?
No, you are not; you are free to check out other schools. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply walk away. You have no obligation with us until you are fully enrolled.

7) If I don’t like studio you send me to, but I still like the program itself, can you put me in a different studio?
Yes, if one is available. However, please understand that the apprenticeships we offer are not always easy to come by. We are offering one-on-one training by actual, busy industry professionals inside their work places, which means we may only have a few openings a month. We will do our best to accommodate your needs if you require a different studio, but we ask you to understand that if we set you up with an in-studio interview, it is quite possibly the best option available, if not the only one.

8) What makes your apprenticeship program different from a regular internship offered at other schools?
When a school sets you up with an internship, it is usually a supplementary program apart from your actual curriculum. Interns are essentially errand runners, chore doers, “gophers”—free help for the studio. There’s nothing wrong with being an intern but it isn’t necessarily the best way to learn. Recording Connection Apprenticeships are completely different. Our apprenticeships are not supplementary training; they are your actual schooling, in the studio. As a Recording Connection Apprentice, you will be studying privately, one-on-one with a real recording engineer and/or music producer in the studio. Some errand-running may be involved as part of the process, but your main purpose for being in the studio is to learn analog and digital recording directly from your mentor. For a complete list of what you will learn, please click here.

9) Can I schedule my schooling around my job?
Absolutely. Our class schedules are extremely flexible, especially since it’s you and your mentor working together. Most of our students typically attend class a minimum of twice a week in the studio, so it’s fairly easy to schedule work around your classes.

10) I’m still skeptical. It still sounds to good to be true. Is it?
All we can say is, let us show you how true this is. Let us get you into the recording studio so you can see for yourself. Let us prove to you that we are legitimate about providing you everything we claim to provide.

Don’t waste your money at an overpriced audio school that will get you nowhere near a real recording studio. Going to school in a real recording studio is the smartest and most effective way to realize your dreams of becoming a professional audio engineer or music producer. Let The Recording Connection show you why we are the school recommended by these audio professionals. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PROFESSIONAL ENDORSEMENTS.

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