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The Recording Connection Teaches You Waves

The Recording Connection Teaches You Waves

Powerful tools for signal processing, effects processing, mixing and mastering, all in the digital space.

With most recording studios and live audio techs now integrating digital audio into their work spaces, it’s a rare occasion to find a studio that doesn’t use Waves Audio products at some level.  If you’re serious about a career in audio engineering and music production, you’ll need to be familiar with Waves.

Waves Audio specializes in providing a wide range of audio plugins designed to be compatible with most digital audio workstations.  Because these plugins are able to emulate actual hardware units at a reduced costs, audio engineers are now able to work with hundreds of effects and devices at their fingertips that once would have required hundreds of thousands of dollars (and rooms full of rack mounts) to access.  Waves makes these plugins available individually or in bundles suited to any budget, and most plugins offer plenty of control, making the possibilities virtually endless.  Reverbs, delays, vocal effects, equalizers, compressors, noise reduction, stereo imaging, pitch/time shifting, and much more—it’s all available in Waves products.

Not just for studio setups, Waves Audio provides great tools for live audio engineers, as well, offering graphic equalizers, noise suppression, phase-shifting and more, along with all the other effects mentioned. This gives the live sound engineer much more control over what comes through the speakers.

As a Recording Connection student, you’ll be working one-on-one with a real music producer or audio engineer in an actual recording studio where Waves plugins are likely used every day.  You’ll learn how these powerful tools work in the audio environment, and you’ll learn how to harness their power for your own audio projects.

Notable artists who use Waves plugins:

  • Mogwai
  • Keane
  • Linkin Park
  • Mark Ronson
  • Jack Joseph Puig
  • Mercy Me
  • Steve Lillywhite
  • Dweezil Zappa
  • Joey Santiago
  • South Park (animated television show)

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