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Each and every week, the Recording Connection Audio Institute gets dozens of honest reviews and notes of feedback from our audio engineering and music production students, both current students and graduates. Locations vary, but there is one consistent thread in these reports: our Recording Students are delighted with what we do. We encourage you to browse this continually growing collection of actual student comments. They are current, honest, and real.

Have you ever wondered why other schools list a mere handful of positive testimonials? Here’s an opportunity for you to read thousands of comments and success stories from students who are currently working through our recording and music producing programs. These are the true testimonies of our success.

Learn on the Job While Working with Real ProfessionalsKevin Lovett - Recording Connection Graduate"Kevin’s advice to future Connection apprentices, musicians, and producers: get the hands on experience of working in a real studio with a professional who knows the ropes. Kevin has stated that many of the services provided through the Recording Connection, such as the hands-on environment as well as the connection to his mentor, have incorporated immensely to his success in the recording and music industry, and that those without it will surely have a much more difficult time (if not impossible).… Read More


Frickin Fantastic!
"The whole program has been frickin fantastic! I learn so much every day and I don’t want it to end."
Daniel Beck, Winnepeg, Manitoba


"For this lesson I was actually able to use some of the techniques to start the mix for one of the songs I had recorded previously, but just the basic stuff. The song needed a little boost for the acoustic guitar in the low end, and the vocals needed a little bit of “air”, as well as some mid-range boost for the room ambience. I did not need a whole lot of EQ mainly due to the fact that it was a pretty simple recording, but it was still nice to be able to put the things I’ve learned to use in an actual studio setting. We of course discussed the chapter material, and unlike the chapter before we were able to discuss which frequency ranges did what for certain instruments. As well as going into detail about high-cut and low-cut filters"
Braden Lerat, Saskatoon, SK

I had a lot of fun on this lesson and am looking forward to the next lesson!
"I had my 16th Lesson on MIDI on Friday the tenth. In this lesson Brady began by writing out some binary codes and asked me to read them for him after he explained how i picked it up pretty easily, After about 10 minutes of this we then hooked up a midi keyboard up to pro tools at the studio and then make and instrument track and recorded some MIDI just to go over how to hook it all up. After this we explored all instrument options for virtual instruments Plugins which there are quite a few of. We Went over what thinks like quantize do to a cluster of notes. Quantize allows the notes you have regarded to conform the the grid, which can make certain thing sound lifeless or robotic. Although other parameters such as swing and randomize can work to make the audio sound more flawed and automatically more realistic. The final thing we delved into was how Plugging like structure Free Expand And Boom work and how each one is good for accomplishing numerous different things. Brady said he especially liked Expand because it enables you to combine numerous instruments and essentially create a new one. Sculpture free is also verry cool as it allows you to load samples as patches and change the dynamic range and also combine two or more to arrive at a new sound, and then there is boom which is a drum sampling plug in where you can change the sample presets to whatever you desire. I had a lot of fun on this lesson and am looking forward to the next lesson!"
Shawn Ens, Saskatoon, SK

Intro to Pro Tools
"This chapter was helpful because it gave me an idea of how far the industry has come and the kind of impact some of the companies who were involved in the making of Pro Tools have had on the production of music. As well this chapter gave a lot of helpful information on getting familiar with the setting up of the program and some of the important features that I will have known."
Cody Marasse, Vegreville, AB

Connectivity and Digital Audio
"In this studio lesson we talked about connectivity, as stated in the actual title of the chapter. It was just an overview of what I had read in the chapter, but we did go into depth on the subject of signal flow and the usage of unbalanced versus balanced connections. The pros and cons of each, the whys, what, how’s, and so on. We then talked about what you can do with a signal, how to move it, and why you would want to do such things. Although the chapter itself was fairly basic in terms of information it was useful and necessary. At the end of the lesson my mentor, another engineer, and myself had a discussion about auto tune, and any other pitch correction plug-ins. How it fits in with pop-culture, and the current state of popular music, because of such technology.

My mentor and I also talked in more depth about the Nyquist theorem, and why you have to double the sample rate, and what actually happens when you don`t (explained numerically). We also talked a bit about how sampling works, and how to take samples from vinyl records. Again I very pleased with the curriculum, my mentors, and how it is going!"
Braden Lerat, Saskatoon, SK

I definitely learned a lot.
"Today, I sat in on another studio session. One of my mentors showed me how to do some pitch correction. We re-recorded some stuff and finalized the tracks. Overall, it was a really fun session and I definitely learned a lot.

One of my mentors and I went over Chapter 7. We talked more in depth about the placement of the instruments in the studio, and also talked a little bit about Pro-Tools. I can’t wait until my next session at the studio."
Ashley Randall, Saskatoon, SK

First Session!
"First we went over my quiz and went into more detail on some subjects such as psychoacoustics for approx. 3 hrs. After a small lunch break people started showing up including another student and artist. After getting to know each other a little bit we all proceeded to go into the studio and start looking at a song which they have been working on. Lionel leading the way, we all went into the control room as Lionel and the artist started tweaking some of the tracks.

There was not much to be recorded except an overlaying guitar solo. After that there was a lot to tidy up with levels and fade in/ outs. In the end there was a big sigh of relief knowing that one more track is ready for mastering. It was a shorter day than last week’s clocking in at 10 hrs. but none the less learned a lot and excited to go back next week."
Shawn Wait, Hamilton, ON

Overall, it was a great session, and I can’t wait for more to come.
"Today I sat in on a Rap/Hip-Hop session with one of my mentors. At the beginning of the session, I helped him set up the Microphone, and Mic stand. Throughout the session, the artist wanted me to do some adlibbing for him in one of his songs. That was a really cool experience! Finally, at the end of the session I took the Mic down, and my mentor took me through the process of taking everything down, and how to do it properly

We went over Digital Audio and one of my mentors explained further about bit depth, the nyquist theorem, and also digital recorders. We went over all the questions that I had, and discussed different recorders throughout history, their uses, and finally quality. Overall, it was a great session, and I can’t wait for more to come."
Ashley Randall, Saskatoon, SK

All in all I learned a lot today.
"We looked at the phase meter, console outputs, vu meters and peak meters on his mixing console and he also explained the analog and digital process that occurs whenever a sound is recorded and played. He stressed on the importance of focusing of the mid frequency range, being as it is in this section of the sound spectrum where most of the sound of a song resides. After all of this he told me some story and then stressed the importance of first impressions in the music industry, telling me about how the first time a band listens to the first mix you’ve made decides the fate of the rest of the recording session. All in all I learned a lot today and have made a good connection with my mentor. I see only positives."
— William Landry, Montreal, QB

I’m ecstatic about the hands on work
"Today I finished my book orientation with Mark. I’d like to thank him for bearing with me in the initial stages where I couldn’t find the “Apps” extension in Google Chrome. Everything went great and I was off the phone in a little under 20 minutes….Can’t wait to dive in to the course work further! Not to mention I’m ecstatic about the hands on work, so far so good"
Tyler MacGregor, Edmonton, AB

Learn by Doing!
"This week I also began working on my sine wave project. It’s fun to start finally playing around in pro tools! I’m trying to make maybe a sort of hip-hop/funk beat. Not entirely sure yet but we will see what sounds I can come up with and what it all turns into. Fun!"
Mitch Darlington, Vancouver, BC

Another great week at the studio!
"Another great week at bedside. I got my version of protools in the mail so I’ve been busy setting that up. It was a little bit difficult at times but I found my way through it. So now that I finally got that all set up its time to mess around on it! Which is always fun. This week in the studio we didn’t do too much, mostly just fooled around in protools seeing what we could all do and how many different ways you can make things sound."
Darryl Thiessen, Winkler, Manitoba

I have been learning so much within the studio.
"Everything in experiential reality is connected. Even the most seemingly insignificant details are an integral part of the big picture. Life ebbs and flows with perfect precision. This truth is very much present within the Audio Engineering world. Connection and flow are at the forefront of day-to-day activities in the recording studio. I have been learning so much within the studio. Always looking forward to what the next session may hold!"
Alexa Cooper, Vancouver, BC

Looking forward to next class!
"We went to the studio for the second time but it felt like every time we walk in we feel more welcomed and more comfortable. We were working with my mentor and he was teaching us about the electronics of audio and how currents run. We brought in our own projects and we showed him and we ask him if he can look it over and give us some feedback. He said the ideas were there it’s just editing and mixing the track is what we need to work on, so he gave us a little sample of what we would be learning in the future. Also, he said he is going to teach us everything we need to know to make our mixes perfect. Looking forward to next class!"
Gabriel Fusco, Toronto, ON

It has been a real great experience so far and I can’t wait to continue in the coming months!
"I just finished my first week of studio sessions. I definitely had a great time going there. It was quite the experience just watching my mentor do what he does that makes him so good at his job. It really makes you feel like you are being trained by the best. I had tons of fun the last couple of days in the studio, there’s just so much to learn and I can’t wait to try and learn it all! In my first couple of sessions we did a variety of things, from editing to patch bays and much more. So much information to remember but I’m sure that I am up for the challenge. It has been a real great experience so far and I can’t wait to continue in the coming months!"
Darryl Thiessen, Winkler, Manitoba

I’m excited to learn more about it!
"I went to the studio and my mentor showed me some of Pro Tools. He had me set up a session in Pro Tools by myself a couple times, from creating audio tracks, to checking the sound from the mics and headphones in the booth. It was my first time using protools but it was fun. I’m excited to learn more about it!"
Shane Doxtator, London, Ontario

Time to get some more work done.
"I am now capable of doing light shows for bands and at clubs and man is it something else. Don’t get me wrong I love sound, but being able to do light too is a great thing to have. Mixing is coming along good, slow, but good. Working on trying to get a second screen so I don’t have to keep switching between the two pages of Pro Tools, it’s a real pain. Coming along great with the two bands I’m in as well, got some shows coming up in August that I am really excited for. Other than that, time to get some more work done"
Travis Wentzell, Midville Branch, NS

I have received my certificate!
" I’ve just had my first meeting with Lionel talking about our plan for the master’s program. We are going to record an EP of songs from me and my Jexbar. It will be four songs basically; but if time allows, we will do probably six. Look! I have received my certificate! Thank you so much! It’s really a nice one! I had Lionel’s autograph on it and we took a photo together. Happy!"
Jin Huang, Toronto, Ontario

I’m always getting closer to who I am.
"Using time based effects is a practice of creativity. Hope I will achieve the kind of sound that I like someday and be creative with the use of all these effects. I’m always getting closer to who I am, and it’s a fact"
Jin Huang, Toronto, Ontario

I’ve been preparing for this!
"Finally, Pro Tools! This been an awesome intro chapter. I’ve been preparing for this! I am very happy with my results thus far. Now, I am too excited to write a cohesive blog entry. So, instead I will start a new Pro Tools project!"
Alex Venne, Victoria, British Columbia

Using pro-tools is really helping me to understand how it all works.
"I have been enjoying learning about all of the cool effects and how they have changed over the course of time and have been implemented and recreated using new technology. Using pro-tools is really helping me to understand how it all works and I enjoy being able to fool around with it myself. I had a lesson with my mentor yesterday and he showed me a mix he is working on with a metal band he had in recently, it sounded pretty good and he showed me examples of how all of these effects can be used in the mix."
Jayden Doan, Surrey, BC

Build a solid foundation that will stay with you your entire career.
"In chapter 5 I learned the history of microphones and who were some of the pioneers of mic’s. I learned the difference between different polar patterns and what directions they pick up in. I also got to know the 3 most well-known microphone types: Condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon. I learned the benefit of each mic and how they can be applied to recording. I also learned some basic microphone patterns such as the x/y technique and the m/s technique. Much more to come."
— Kalen Jankoski, Regina, Saskatchewan

This project was such a blast!
"As part of the Midterm assignment I was required to complete and submit the sine wave song. This project was such a blast! I ended up with a 54 second master out of the 30 – 60 second requirement, primarily due to the addictive nature of the project, arranging and creating specific instrument parts (drums, bass, leads, etc.) from nothing but sine waves and plugins. In the studio we we’re able to play the stereo master through my mentor’s main monitor setup, his NS10s and subwoofer. It’s always a joy being able to hear how a mix done on your own near field monitors and headphones translates through other audio playback systems – especially when it translates well!
Brian Mulvany, Vancouver, BC

Digital audio is a topic I wasn’t as familiar with.
“Digital audio is a topic I wasn’t as familiar with. It introduced me to sample rates and opposed to just thinking higher is better I found out why and what it can affect. Then while at the studio my mentor told me about this video of Herbie Hancock playing a Fairlight CMI which in itself amazed me. After the lesson we looked at compressors and how they worked on digital audio, not letting certain volumes pass a threshold”
— Mikael Claus, Toronto, Ontario

Build your confidence.
“I got to learn about how a patch bay works and the different connectors that we are mainly using. Learning about patch bays and how they work much still seem a little complicated, but I’m sure with time I have confidence I’ll be able to get the hang out it!”
— Sean Sem, Edmonton, Alberta

Produce beats like a professional music producer.
"I’ve come such a long way from just a year ago. Producing beats in just 20-30 minutes now feels great."
— Cristefer Young, Smith Falls, Ontario

Hands On Learning
"This morning we set up to record accordion tracks on a few artists’ tracks on his upcoming album. We set up a Pearlman condenser mic for the accordion. In the afternoon, another artist came in and laid down some amazing violin over three different tracks off the same album. A really awesome day at the studio!

This week’s chapter is on connectivity and it’s a chapter I was really looking forward to. Signal flow is very important and I’m excited to learn more about it all. I had a really good day at the studio and I’m always really excited for what’s going to be happening the next time I come in."
— Dallas Cara, Port Woody, BC

Learn from a legendary music producer at a world-class recording studio.
"Well I just finished my first week of in studio classes, which included: 2 hours of review of what I learned from my book with practical hands on learning and also 2 hours of in studio time with the producer. After just this first week I am completely inspired actually being in the studio and working with a REAL producer and sound engineer one on one is a dream come true, Being a musician this is the best thing I could have asked for looking forward to 20 more weeks of awesome!"
— Brodie Presley, Calgary, Alberta

Study the textbook, then apply your knowledge at real recording sessions.
"I learned tons. It explained a lot, about technical signal flow. I’ve been struggling with a lot of the subject matter covered in this chapter for the last few years. I realize now exactly why I joined this program and I am more excited than ever for the next few months. Now I am ready to go meet with my mentor and help with his recording session."
Alex Venne, Victoria, British Columbia

Great audio careers start at the studio.
"My mentor has taught me quite a bit as an engineer and about the studio environment and how to go about getting the sounds that I want. I’ve been able to take away real life experiences from sitting-in in sessions and assisting. To me that is the most hands on experience you can get, as long as you put the gear in front of me, I can have that chance to play around and get familiar with it to the point where I absolutely understand what it is and what it does."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

The techniques you pick up here will stay with you your entire career.
"The chapter I read was interesting and talked mostly about electricity. I’ve found it so much easier to learn about all this kind of stuff the second time around while applying it to music and sound. This upcoming chapter is focusing more on digital audio and I’m really looking forward to reading more about it."
Dallas Cara, Port Woody, BC

Learn the science behind audio in a fun and stimulating environment.
"In this lesson they talk a lot about delay and reverb. I thought it was very interesting seeing tape based gear doing delay its amazing seeing how technology used to be basic yet sound so amazing sounding. I also thought it was cool to just make a room full of reverb and set a mic in there and listen to see what happens."
David Cote, Lindsay, Ontario

Build a solid foundation of fundamental recording techniques.
“I had a lot of fun spending time with mic placement this week. I listened to how certain microphones pick up different sounds with the instruments. I enjoyed finding the “sweet spot” with guitar cabs. I tried out different techniques that I have been learning through this chapter, and had fun trying to re-create the exact sound I hear when I am listening to the instruments live.”
— Dane Marek, Kenora, Ontario

One on one learning.
"I find it interesting to be learning the basics of sound and hearing. Spending one on one time at a studio with an in the field sound engineer is also an exciting part of this experience."
— Gabriel Padilla, Montreal, Quebec

Build connections as you learn.
"My mentor told me that I will see the band again we worked with, so next time I believe I will be able to stay longer. Anyway, my first session was a very enjoyable and impressive one. I was taking notes all the time and learnt a lot from the real recording session. Thank you all for this amazing day.

I find the information quite useful and impressive. Before my next lesson for chapter 4, I’ll be involved in my second real recording session this Saturday with a different band doing some vocals and guitars"
Jin Huang, Scarborough, Ontario

Experience the recording process first-hand.
"I thought it was really interesting to learn about all of the different types of microphones out there. They play such a fundamental role in finding the right sound, and there is just so much to learn about all of them. I had a really good lesson with my mentor today and we discussed which mic’s are commonly used in the industry today, and which ones have mostly become obsolete. He walked me through his mic collection which was really cool to see.

A client had come in to record a song for her bachelor party and my mentor had her record 4 different sets of vocals. When I was in there he was picking through each one for the best parts and combining them to get the best sound. It was cool to watch"
Jayden Doan Estevan, Regina, SK

Learn audio engineering in real studio sessions.

"This week’s lesson really changed my perspective of Pro Tools. Getting a glimpse into its history has helped me to appreciate why it is the industry standard, and how it set the bar for the competition that followed. At the studio I got to sit in on a rap vocal tracking session, where armed with just that nudge of extra observation, I couldn’t help but notice a plethora of Pro Tools shortcuts and key commands being utilized in a streamlined fashion by my mentor. From this session alone, it was made apparent that there are a selection of key commands which are invaluable to an engineer’s workflow, affecting even the efficiency and productivity of the recording session itself. On that note, the key command quizzes that will be reappearing will definitely be helpful in this regard!

My studio visit was particularly great. Being able to sit in on an entire mastering session, learn different mix-down and mastering techniques, as well as seeing all the software in action was a definitely a learning experience! My mentor suggested that I bring down the mix of the single I am currently working on for mastering on my next visit. It will be fantastic to hear the spin he puts on the mix."
Brian Mulvany, Vancouver, BC

Learn by example.
"This chapter focused on the types of microphones and how each circuit type works. My mentor still has to show me each of the mics he prefers and uses in his studio, but I have a good idea of which mics are popular to use for certain things such as vocals and instruments. It was interesting to learn about pickup patterns and how they can capture sounds in a studio differently"
Cody Marasse, Vegreville, AB

Gain a deeper understanding of the music you love.
"The level of enjoyment I got out of this week’s lesson will be hard to beat, considering how the microphone is one of the fundamental pieces of recording gear, and the nicer, more reputable ones are somewhat the ‘gems’ of the industry. Being able to listen to recorded demonstrations of these hallmark microphones and compare them to each other was just plain great and is something that makes me even happier that I enrolled when I did, into the updated interactive version of the course.

This just keeps getting better. Being the gear head that I am, learning for the first time the evolution of digital recorders makes me feel like I was previously lacking an essential portion of knowledge, one that I am now starting to obtain."
Brian Mulvany, Vancouver, BC

Take your skills to the next level.
"I recently had my first private class with my mentor the other day. What can I say other than I had a blast! There’s much to learn and experience. Learning the ins and outs of audio engineering and producing requires a great deal of time, trial and error, and a whole whack of patience. I learned that breaking the rules is a good thing but using traditional techniques are important to have in your bag of tricks. Experience is my best teacher"
— Sam Marcello, North York, Ontario

Have fun as you learn!
"Today I finished my album and I’m ecstatic with the final product, it sounds amazing and it’s everything I ever wanted. It has been an incredible year working as an apprentice here in the studio. The people I’ve met and the things I’ve done I won’t soon forget. It was a blast and I learned more here in the real world than I ever thought at recording school. I’m glad I was a part of this course. It was definitely worth every minute and I got a lot out of it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is an aspiring audio technician. Working as an apprentice is a great experience for me any day I come in. Whether we’re mixing bands, tracking clients, or just talking about where techniques used today originated from; it’s never a dull moment at the studio."
Kevin Lovett, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Learn the fundamentals by example.
"This lesson really helped me understand the type of music I was listening to tell the difference between the qualities that are accepted by a large portion of the public and the qualities that are true to the original sound. I also learned about some multi-track recorders that I have never heard of before and how they worked. One of the most important lessons I learned from this chapter is the detailed steps that are required to take a recorded sound and put it into storage and then prepare it for playback to the listener. Also this week my mentor let me sit in on a band who was recording an EP, where I watched the recording process take place. I also helped setup parts of the recording space, wrapping up chords properly and setting up drums and mics."
Cody Marasse, Vegreville, Alberta

Use your mentor’s studio to your advantage.
“This week has been interesting, as a fellow Recording Connection student has been recording songs at the studio. This has given me a lot of time to sit at the control board with my mentor and get involved. I am seeing a lot of the more technical side of laying out the songs and am focusing on the dynamics of recording each instrument. This has been a great experience as my mentor takes a lot of time to explain the details of what we are using and how it is being used.”
— Dane Marek, Kenora, Ontario

If you learn hands-on, this program is a great match for you.
“I’m starting to better understand the full analog console that my mentor has and a little more about mics and setups to different types of instruments that have been recorded in the studio. I participated in the recording of a heavy metal band guitars and a solo vocalist. These sessions were enjoyable to watch. I’m looking forward to this next week to see more types of recording processes and get more knowledge about the gears inside the studio.”
— Rafael Costa, Edmonton, Alberta

Start with the fundamentals.
“Learned quite a bit about how sound and hearing works when pointed out. How waveforms change when put together and separately. First studio lesson was a lot to take in but really enjoy being there. James is a great teacher to learn from and I’m looking forward to learning more.”
— Sean Sem, Edmonton, Alberta

Learn audio fundamentals through demonstration at a professional recording studio.
“In this chapter I learned quite a bit about sound, and the science behind exactly what we’re hearing. I did not realize there are SO many elements that make up even a single sound. What I found most interesting is how a certain room/studio is set up to absorb or diffuse sound”
Gray Jacques, Barrie, Ontario

Gain a deeper understanding of the music business from your mentor.
“Talking with my mentor is great because he gives me the idea that I can make it in the music business and gives me praise for being on time and having a good attitude. All these things we have done together have helped me grow as an engineer and as a person in general.”
Jeremy Duplisea, Calgary, Alberta


The experience you gain while on the job is priceless.
"Things have been going well in studio despite the recent detour from regular classes. I have been able to sit in on some great sessions with some really talented folks, learning a little bit more as I go along. I am starting to really see the value of this course as the days and weeks unfold."
Brian Mulvany, Vancouver, BC

Your mentor will work around your busy schedule.
"Things have been going well in studio despite the recent detour from regular classes. I have been able to sit in on some great sessions with some really talented folks, learning a little bit more as I go along. I am starting to really see the value of this course as the days and weeks unfold."
Anthony Howell, Oshawa, Ontario

Gain a professional’s understanding of the music business.
"Third Lesson at the studio with my mentor was a pretty chill day, spent mostly on listening with a client who was checking out the final mixes. I thought it all sounded great but knew not to open my newbie mouth (haha.) I’m not sure if the album was ever published though because of personal issues with the musicians. Besides the unfortunate problems they had, it was interesting to see how all your work can go to nothing and what kind of mediating / middle management a studio owner has to do to help the product get finished. After all the hustle and bustle for the day we sat down and made neat little beat with samples and drum machines experimenting with Logic, Pro tools, elastic audio and a midi controller. I never would have expected what we ended up with but it was something from nothing so I was happy."
Max Becker, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hands-on learning.
"Chapter 18 was a very informative chapter. I learned many important things about the acoustic characteristics of certain shaped rooms. I learned how absorbers and diffusers work in greater detail, and what fluttering, diffraction and room modes are. I’m very happy with all the information I’ve had the opportunity to absorb.

This lesson helped me cement my knowledge of audio engineering and will help me figure out how real studio equipment runs."
Oliver Furnival, Elmvale, Ontario

Learn as you work at a real recording studio.
"This week I spent 12 hours in the studio and have been soon some really cool things. I got to work more on ProTools with animated videos and sound effects. For some of these sound effects I did foley. This was a ton of fun and I got to see how much effort you need to put into just certain sounds."
Kristopher Wilson, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan

Learn how to effectively deal with clients.
"In this chapter I got to learn about how to prepare yourself before someone is coming into the studio, it gave me a good idea how to set myself up, I thought it was a good idea looking up what type of equipment they use and what type of style and feel they are going for."
David Cote, Lindsay, Ontario

Challenge yourself!
"This has been a great first week, I spent three days in the studio and not only that, I got to watch an artist and engineer work on a song from recording to editing. The total hours would be around 18 or more hours. I got to go for lunch with my mentor and another engineer, very welcoming guys and I’ve been lucky to watch them work for this week. This has been a great start

My mentor at the studio got me working on Protools on Tuesday after I did some book work. This was great because I got to learn the basic commands of Protools and yesterday I got to do some sound design practice by designing the sound to a small animation. I haven’t finished yet but I think that I really love doing it, thinking maybe I’ll go that direction in the future.!"
Kristopher Wilson, Regina, Saskatchewan

The best way to learn in on the job.
“This week’s lab was a live vocal recording. Arrived to the studio at 11am Sunday morning, meet up with my mentors. They introduced me to the artist and pretty soon we were recording. I began setting up the session, 3 mics to start off with to see which was going to work best. We did some tests on our levels, the artist sang the intro into each mic and once we chose one, we started the actual recording. We did the song in sections, recording the verses and choruses separately. Plus over dubbing in some parts. My mentor and I also sang a couple of lines to add some background vocals to the mix. We took several takes of each verse and chorus sections. Making sure it was always what the artist was looking for when he set out. We all worked together for about 3 hours and were able to capture more than enough for the mix down process.”
Jeremy Duplisea, Calgary, Alberta

Real sessions, real musicians.
"On my first day I got introduced to everyone. My mentor gave me a tour of the place once again showing me how everything works and how they would like the place to look, then we went onto to take a look at lesson 1. Did a review of the chapter, making sure I understood the basics like frequency, pitch and all the different sound waves, wave lengths and amplitudes. I also got to sit in a live session with my mentor as a band did vocals for their recording."
David Cote, Lindsay, Ontario

Learn from an audio industry veteran.
"During my first meeting with my mentor, he and I discussed the career opportunities in a recording studio field; the artist, studio musicians and arrangers, the producer (manages music work), the engineer (deals with recording, mixing, and manipulation of sound), the assistant engineer, maintenance engineer (deals with equipment), mastering engineer, the DJ, studio manager, ADR (engineer who works for acting), Folly (making auditory for picture), ANR, mixing for motion picture, and music law. It was very informative."
Natasha Turner, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Become an expert.
"This week has been great! Not only did I gain some great hands on experience in the control room but also some great experience recording my own vocals at the studio. Within the past few weeks I have learned many things about setting up sessions, altering the playback engines, setting up inputs and outputs, setting up microphone for different sources and most importantly setting up the patch bays. It has been quite the learning experience."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Get your hands dirty.
“Today in the studio I set up Pro Tools and began recording my mentor playing another song on piano. We ended up recording about 20 takes, as she was having some trouble with the song. In the end this was pretty favorable for me as it gave me a lot of practice with editing the song. We didn’t have the entire track recorded in one take, so she showed me how to cut the other takes and use pieces of them to build one whole good take. There were some timing errors in the track as well, so she showed me how to move notes around to correct the errors, she then let me fix up the track. She also showed me how to smooth out the transitions to make it sound more like one take. It was still a little choppy sounding in the end, but I got lots of practice with raw editing!”
Cole Newman, Calgary, Alberta

Learn as you work with your mentor on real recording sessions.
“In the studio today I got my first chance at sitting behind the desk and recording accordion. My mentor was playing in the sound room downstairs. It was really my first opportunity to act as an engineer, and I did not have him by my side. It started off a little rocky because I ended up deleting the instrument track, and almost blasting his ears off with his headphones. I was quite discouraged that my first attempt was so shaky, but he made me stick through it and I continued to record him for many more takes. After the recording session we went through the various tracks and copied and pasted bits from each track to form the master track that sounded the best. I am so appreciative that one of his artists is willing to let me sit in on all his lessons thus far and be willing to let me learn as I go.

From sitting in on some of these lessons I am starting to really appreciate how hard my mentor works, and just how experienced and brilliant he is. He always knows exactly what musical instrument should be added to the tune to spice it up, and is an amazing piano player!”
Nikki Sage, Sudbury, Ontario

Challenge yourself.
“The lab for week seven was pretty informative. My mentor and I finished up work on a demo tape. We were able to fix four songs that he had some issues with. She showed me how to do some different things to bring the volume of a certain sections up. This was the main issue as some of the edits did not match the base edit. After we finished the volume changes in the mix, we moved to a different set of speakers to make sure the recording sounded just as good. After spending many hours working on the demo I went to see the artist perform some of the songs, and it was a great feeling hearing the songs you worked on being enjoyed by others.

I feel I am doing well in the course and learning a lot. I am confident that when I finish with the recording connection course I will be ready to enter into the audio field, do well, and gain much more experience. I am grateful to the recording connection for providing me on one on one opportunity to learn audio engineering. This seems to be the best way I learn, hands and with someone who knows what’s going on. Overall, I feel very comfortable within the studio environment. It’s nice to see all the studying I have been doing being put to use.”
Jeremy Duplisea, Calgary, Alberta

Learn Hands On
"This week, my mentor and I went through more plug-ins that came with pro tools as well as other plugins that didn’t come with Pro Tools. I got a great look at how effective each plug-in is at manipulating different sounds. Talking about plug-ins is such a general topic because there are so many you can talk about that do the same thing but produce a different outcome or sound. Being able to hear how two of the same compressors can manipulate a sound differently was absolutely crazy. Trying out plug-ins on different instruments has helped me to identify favorite plug-ins already. I love experimenting with different and new plug-ins, I think it adds to the experience of being a producer or engineer."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Learn the ins and outs of studio design.
“I have always wanted to build my own studio so I can record my own music, and the information presented to me now in this course is a perfect outline to do so. I have no physics or construction background, so I really learned a lot in terms of design and materials, and what is important to keep in mind when designing a room. I realize now that I never really thought of how much time, energy, and precision was needed to develop and design a balanced acoustic room suitable to record music. I think a lot of people do not realize how much work an engineer has to do to make music sound so good!”
Nikki Sage, Sudbury, Ontario

Learn the fundamentals as you apprentice at a real recording studio.
"This week was all about signal flow, another fresh concept for me. I was most interested in discussing and further understanding the function of the patch bay. It all has a component of artistry to it. My mentor explained this to me using a great example regarding vocal chains. When determining which pre-amp best suits any given vocalist, he will send a parallel patch from the vocal mic to three separate vocal pre-amps. This helps him to determine which sequence of outboard effects will best compliment whichever vocalist he is working with. He also explained to me how important this process of elimination is when determining the vocal chain. I am certainly very much looking forward to the experimentation process and long hours tinkering in the studio to obtain the best sounds I can!"
Anthony Howell, Oshawa, Ontario

Apply what you learn at the studio to your recordings.
"This week, I was given the chance to sit in on a drum and guitar session. It was great; I got to help my mentor set up all the mics for a drum session. During this setup time, we talked about mic placement, the 3:1 distance rule and the basic etiquette of being in a recording session. I gain so much hands-on knowledge and was able to transfer that to my own personal recordings"
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Learn on the job!
"I have taken on a more crucial role in the studio. My mentor has had me in to help with his projects and it feels more like I am advancing"
Anthony Howell, Oshawa, Ontario

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.
"I was very shy in the beginning until my mentor showed me what he was up to with a current customer he had going there. I sat down quietly beside him and watched as he used the mouse to control his Pro Tools software, I looked around at the room staring at the patch bay, and hardware he had set up, and smiled realizing that it was a real-life scenario of what I had been doing and learning about at the schools I’ve been studying at over the past years"
Kevin Lovett, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Your mentor is a professional audio engineer.
“What I like so much about this course; I get to teach myself content in ways that uniquely work for me. My mentor was a great help as we sat down, and went through the book looking in more detail and as he answered any questions I needed. He’s such a talented guy that it scares me – he has so much knowledge to share and often talks in studio language that sounds like French to me!”
Nikki Sage, Sudbury, Ontario

No classroom can replace what you’ll learn at a real recording studio.
“This past lesson was focused on patch bay – we talked about the different connections that can be made, ie. parallel, normalled, half normalled and open. We reviewed our sound board, and my mentor explained to me the meaning of each of the buttons and knobs on the console. This was a great learning experience.”
Jeremy Duplisea, Calgary, Alberta

Real world experience.
"Every week here is an awesome learning experience. Every time I walk out of the studio I feel more equipped for the audio world. I couldn’t ask for a better hands-on experience. "
Adam Kurenoff, Regina, Saskatchewan

Learn Hands On
"This week, my mentor and I went through more plug-ins that came with pro tools as well as other plugins that didn’t come with Pro Tools. I got a great look at how effective each plug-in is at manipulating different sounds. Talking about plug-ins is such a general topic because there are so many you can talk about that do the same thing but produce a different outcome or sound. Being able to hear how two of the same compressors can manipulate a sound differently was absolutely crazy. Trying out plug-ins on different instruments has helped me to identify favorite plug-ins already. I love experimenting with different and new plug-ins, I think it adds to the experience of being a producer or engineer."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Work directly with your mentor’s clients.
"I am learning a lot, but at the same time I am receiving a ton of responsibility since my instructor trusts me, even his extremely talented customers are trusting me and I’ve only been there for a few sessions so far which I really enjoy!"
Kevin Lovett, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The best way to learn audio engineering is where the action happens.
"It’s such a learning experience each time I go to the studio. Being able to hear the frequency tests, and seeing how the consoles are set up, where the consoles are put, and the signal paths of all the equipment. It’s very exciting for me, I really enjoy live music, the whole process of music continues to amaze me."
— Jessica Cook, Picture Butte, Alberta

Learn by doing.
"My last lesson was very insightful. I had the opportunity to explore my mentor’s Patch Bay, and he let me re-root signals, stop signals, divert signals, etc. We set up a return monitor for clients to hear their music back, speak to us through the sound room, and have control of their headphone input. Great experience, great lesson, I feel closer to becoming a sound engineer!"
Matthew Furci, Kirkland, Quebec

Your mentor will personally guide you through the curriculum.
"The many different aspects that come into play when designing and setting up a room for recording are endless, but so far my lessons have been very enlightening. It’s great getting all this information in a one on one environment. It had made learning easier and fun!"
Jeremy Duplisea, Calgary, Alberta

Learn by doing.
"The studio is great and they’ve always got stuff to teach me that wasn’t in the texts or is studio based knowledge. It’s like a never ending pit of expanded knowledge. So far I haven’t even been able to hit them with a question we didn’t get answered within 5 minutes. It’s been more than awesome going in there a couple times a week and getting to learn the hands on stuff."
Adam Kurenoff, Regina, Saskatchewan

Work directly with your mentor’s clients.
"I had a very interesting week. I got to man the controls on ProTools during a day where we had 2 actors come in to do a voice over for a commercial in English and in French. Certain challenges I faced during my first week of apprenticing at the studio have completely vanished. I knew which microphones to use off the top of my head for each actor, and I had an opportunity to set up the voice-over room on my own, and control pro-tools during one of the recordings."
Matthew Furci, Kirkland, Quebec

Challenge yourself.
"I’m enjoying the program, enjoying what I’m learning, and thanks to this my mind has been opened to wanting to learn some instruments which I fully plan to do! Most definitely piano, anyways! I am excited for my next lesson because we finished the recording and we get to do editing, which may pose a challenge for me but I would really like to give it a shot and see what I can do!

In this lesson we recorded a rhythm guitarist, pretty awesome guitarist and a good song it was definitely fun too record! So far this course has not stopped getting more interesting each and every chapter. I also learned about how to properly wrap up cords, and some more work in ProTools. This week we are going to edit the recording and I am more than excited to do so!"
Giovanni Bianchini, Airdrie, Alberta

Learn from an expert.
"My first day at the studio was great! We first went over the assignments and talked a bit about compression in relation to the “loudness wars” in production and sound engineering. It was great to put some science behind the argument and speak in greater detail about the factual elements that are behind this phenomenon."
Anthony Howell, Oshawa, Ontario

Receive personalized instruction from your mentor.
"When we started talking about consoles, patch bays and signal flow, there were many questions that came to my head. However, for my mentor, it wasn’t a problem. He answered them in a way where I could understand, also providing examples of real life situations."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.
"This was a great experience for me as it was a great feeling just being in the studio doing real work and being able to use the gear."
Max Casco, Kitchener, Ontario

Real sessions, real musicians.
"Long day today recording with an artist at the studio. This Artist has a progressive rock/blues sound with a lot of layered harmonies. I had the opportunity to use pro tools myself, set up tracks and do takes. We recorded guitar and keyboard solos, a reverse guitar solo, some main and background vocals. It was very cool."
Erica Beal, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Learn invaluable skills and techniques as you apprentice.
"Learning about the acoustics and design of a studio is crucial when understanding sound. This week we spoke a lot about the acoustics of large, portable and small studios. I gained a lot of great insight in terms of what to look for, how to find solutions for the problems and what basic modifications should be built into the design of your studio or project area."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Hands-on learning with your mentor’s guidance.
"My mentor has a brilliant way of putting the terms discussed into a much more understandable realm. It’s a though he can draw pictures. This works for me as I am a visual person who works far better hands on. my mentor is a joy to engage with and his devotion to his craft is beyond admirable."
Jason Beardsall, Kitchener, Ontario

Learn studio design as you apprentice in a real recording studio.
"I found it very rewarding and interesting on how to build a proper studio for professional recordings along with learning about how to make sure the waves are being taking care of along with the importance with symmetry in recording as well as getting some real life experience in setting up speakers from one cabinet to another and having them work properly."
— Cristefer Young, Smith Falls, Ontario

Work hands-on with professional studio equipment at a real recording studio.
"Getting a lot of really good experience and getting to see the equipment used first hand in the studio. Couldn’t imagine how hard this stuff would be without being able to see the actual wires going to where."
Adam Kurenoff, Regina, Saskatchewan

One on one instruction from the start.
"My first class was absolutely amazing. My mentor and I hit it off right from the beginning, which led to a very comfortable environment to learn in. We began by re-introducing ourselves to one another and giving a bit of insight as to my experience, knowledge and skills within the music industry."
Kamela Singh, Pickering, Ontario

Learn the industry and set goals
"I have been learning so much about the industry and where I feel I should lean towards. There’s so much to take in and learn, I love it!!"
— Jessica Cook, Picture Butte, Alberta

Real Sessions, Real Musicians
"I have been gaining a great relationship with Steve and I am close to knowing understanding and using almost all of his equipment fluently and he is widening my music and production knowledge to a point where now he can leave for hours and I can take over the session until he gets back. All in all I am having a great time!"
— Jaylan Birl, Toronto, Canada

Apply the curriculum in real recording studio.
“All in all I think today was another great session and I was able to understand many new terms that I had read in the textbook.”
— Max Casco, Ontario, Canada

Learn One on One with a Professional Audio Engineer
“The fact that there is only one other person with me is a big strength because my mentor puts the same amount of energy and focus in both of us. Dan is very approachable making it a very comfortable environment to learn in. Questions I asked and concerns were directly answered by him and for the moment I have no worries.”
— Jaffer Mangachi, Montreal, Quebec

Work with well-known professionals in the music industry.
“Monday was a very long day for me in the studio with my mentor. The first part of the day was spent on a light voice over session and catching up on backing up old sessions. In the afternoon and until the time we left, we were working with a rapper/producer who was working on tracks for multiple clients. It was really cool to be doing so many different songs and styles of music in the space of one session. It was also very interesting to watch two people with very distinct styles of mixing working together on a single project. The very next day was another long day, if not quite as long. In the morning, we worked on the voice for a toy commercial. After some brief downtime, we started work on a vocal session for a singer/songwriter who requested we produce/record and mix his vocal over an existing song he had. Part way through this session, I went into the B room to work on organizing a pro tools session that we recorded but will be mixed by the engineer who works with Madonna and others. Lately, I’ve been given more responsibility working the computer, and even engineering on some basic sessions. It can be pretty stressful, but it’s been great experience and quite worth it by joining the Recording Connection!”
— Morgan Keown, Toronto, Ontario

Work as a full-time apprentice in the studio of your choice.
“Today was just absolutely fun at the recording studio. My mentor had a client who came into the studio to do some recording and I enjoyed it. I got to set up the entire recording session, and by setting up the mics I learned the proper mic placement techniques to use while doing it on my own. The other apprentice from the Recording Connection was there too, which was really helpful too. Whenever my mentor is not in the studio for a little bit, and I have a question, he knows how to answer them. The following day in the studio I worked on a song with my mentor and his client, which actually didn’t take too long as there wasn’t much editing to do for the instruments because it was only an acoustic guitar. However, when it came to the vocals there was a fair bit of editing to do. As I learned how my mentor edited the vocal tracks I feel that am I am now starting to get the hang of it all, and let me tell you, it is a lot harder than it looks. Tomorrow as well as the next day I will be sitting in on some more recording sessions so I am looking forward to that!”
— Sarah Mak, Calgary, Canada

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