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Kingston Audio School by the Kingston Recording Connection

Looking for an industry-competitive Audio Engineering School in the Kingston, Ontario area? Look no further than RECORDING CONNECTION, the only school that places you in an actual Kingston recording studio as an audio student apprentice, learning directly from a working audio professional who trains you in the arts of audio engineering, music produciong, mixing, and more. In Kingston, your best pathway to a career in audio starts with an apprenticeship in a Kingston recording studio. That’s where we come in.

You could spend 10-50 thousand dollars to go to an audio engineering program at a trade school or college, or you could spend a fraction of that amount and get the same quality education inside a real recording studio. The choice is clear! Get on the inside track, and get your education from the pros in a real-world environment. No one gets you there more effectively or cost-efficiently than our audio recording school.

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Situated in southeast Ontario, where Lake Ontario empties into the St. Lawrence River, the city of Kingston anchors a metro population of about 150,000 people. As such, it serves as a hub of culture for the area, including a vibrant and active music scene, fueled in part by the presence of Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada. In popular venues such as Brandee’s, Elixir, the Brass, Ale House and The Grad Club, local and touring bands representing a variety of genres can be heard most nights of the week. Kingston also hosts numerous annual festivals, including the Kingston Jazz Festival, the Wolfe Island Music Festival and the Limestone City Blues Festival. Among the notable bands and artists with ties to Kingston are rock band Tragically Hip, indie band The Inbreds, singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer, Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm, and rock legend Bryan Adams (who was born in Kingston).

Keeping step with the needs of this busy music scene, a number of quality recording studios make their home in and around Kingston. Whether your dream is to become an audio engineer, music producer, live audio tech or sound designer, Kingston affords many real-world learning opportunities for you–and RECORDING CONNECTION can get you into the heart of the action where other audio schools fall short.

Our industry edge comes from our mentor-apprentice approach. Never mind the stale classroom environment–you won’t find it in our program. Instead, we place you in a real recording studio to be personally mentored and trained by a seasoned industry professional. As you mentor guides you through our curriculum, you’ll get valuable hands-on experience and make important industry connections, giving you a virtual inside track when it comes to job openings. Make no mistake–no other audio school in the world can offer you this kind of opportunity. You owe it to yourself to find out what our Kingston Audio Engineering School can do for your career.

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Kingston Recording Connection Audio Engineering Program
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Our unique Kingston Audio Engineering, Music Producing and Sound Technician programs train you inside a real recording studio, 2-7 times per week, around your busy schedule. You will learn audio under the direct, one-on-one supervision of a professional engineer or producer.