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Cape Breton Audio School by the Cape Breton Recording Connection

If you’re looking for a music school with an industry edge on Cape Breton, you’ve come to the right place. RECORDING CONNECTION is the only school that places you inside an actual Cape Breton recording studio, working as an audio student apprentice while you learn audio engineering, music produciong, mixing, or live audio. On Cape Breton, there’s no smarter way to launch a career in the music business than to apprentice inside a Cape Breton recording studio–and no better school than RECORDING CONNECTION to get your foot in the door.

Why spend upwards of 50 thousand dollars to attend a music recording program at a college or trade school, when you could get the same quality music recording education in a real recording studio for a fraction of that amount? Make the smart choice, get on the inside track, and learn from the pros in a real-world environment. Our music recording school is the smartest, most cost efficient program on the market today.

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Located off the eastern coast of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island is a regional municipality encompassing the communities of Sydney, Glace Bay, New Waterford, Louisbourg and several others, with a combined population of around 100,000 people. Although this relatively rural area is not a place many people would readily identify with the music business in general, Cape Breton nurtures an active music scene. Due to its Scottish roots, Cape Breton is particularly known as a centre for traditional Canadian-Celtic music, although other genres are represented as well. Live music in a variety of styles can be regularly heard in pubs and venues throughout the island. Among the more noteworthy musicians from this area are traditional fiddlers Ashley MacIsaac and Buddy & Natalie MacMaster; Celtic group the Barra McNeils; folk artists The Rankin Family; singer/songwriter Gordy Sampson (ÒJesus, Take the WheelÓ); Canadian Idol runner-up Mitch MacDonald; and indie rock band Slowcoaster.

Cape Breton is home to several quality recording studios which keep step with the ongoing needs of the music scene. If you desire to become a music producer, recording artist or audio engineer, Cape Breton offers a surprising amount of real-world learning opportunities. With the help of RECORDING CONNECTION, one of these studios could easily become your personal classroom.

Our industry edge comes from our mentor-apprentice approach. We know you can’t learn the music business inside a stale college classroom, so instead, we place you where the action happens: in a real recording studio. Your instructor, a seasoned music professional, will train you one-on-one using our curriculum, giving you hands-on experience with real recording projects and giving you the chance to meet and connect with other music industry professionals. This unique combination of practical experience and industry connections gives you an insider’s advantage with job openings unmatched by any other music school on the planet. Why wait? Apply to our Cape Breton Music School today, and discover why over 70 percent of our graduates get hired.

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Cape Breton Recording Connection Audio Engineering Program
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Our unique Cape Breton Audio Engineering, Music Producing and Sound Technician programs train you inside a real recording studio, 2-7 times per week, around your busy schedule. You will learn audio under the direct, one-on-one supervision of a professional engineer or producer.