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The Recording Connection Teaches You “Reason”

Virtual sounds, effects and recording for “gearheads.”

While many modern-day producers and musicians are focused on virtual instruments and digital recording/mixing, there are still a lot of “gearheads” out there—those of us who love those stacks and stacks of rack-mounted amps, processors and modules, and the wires that connect them to each other.  If that describes you, chances are Reason will be your DAW of choice.

Try to imagine your “perfect rig”—all the pre-amps, compressors, stomp boxes, synth modules and other gear you would love to have.  Now imagine having all those devices at your fingertips in your computer, where you can even turn them around and configure them at will.  If you can picture this, then you have a good idea of what Reason is like. Reason offers a huge library of software sounds, effects, drum machines, synths and more, all configured in a virtual rack where you can add, subtract and reconfigure virtual devices at will. If there’s a sound or effect you like that’s not self-contained in the program, the Rack Extension feature allows you to add components created by third-party developers.  Add to all this the recording, editing, mixing and mastering capabilities that come with any DAW, and you begin to understand the true power of Reason.

One of Reason’s most powerful features for gearheads is the Toggle Rack command, which gives you the “rear view” of your virtual rack, allowing you to plug, unplug and reconfigure devices to your liking, just as if the hardware were actually in the room with you. The only difference is that you don’t need several rooms and lots of ventilation to store it all—it’s all right there on your desktop.

If this is a software you’d love to master, the best way to learn it is one-on-one in the studio.  The Recording Connection can place you with a seasoned producer/engineer who uses Reason on a regular basis and can teach you its secrets!

Notable artists who use Reason?

  • The Flaming Lips
  • Matt Squire
  • Owl City
  • iwrestledabearonce
  • Emery
  • Kidz In the Hall
  • Chris Henderson
  • Sophia Hardig

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