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Learn Post Production Film, TV and Video Game Audio at The Canada Recording Connection Audio Institute

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+ Do you dream of a career as a composer for film, TV and/or video game music?

+ Do you compose and record music at home but want to learn to do it at the professional level?

+ Do you already write lush string arrangements and/or solid electronic beats and synth passages that impress?

+ Do you dream of having your music released on motion picture soundtracks, or featured in television shows and video games?

+ Do you think you could make it as a professional film/TV composer if you just had the right connections?

+ Given the opportunity, do you have the passion and work ethic to make these dreams come to life?

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About our Film, Television and Video Game Audio Program

With an ever-increasing demand for music in visual media (i.e., film, television, web and video games), there is also an increased demand for composers who can rise to the unique challenges of this industry. If that’s you, then the best way to learn the ropes and make connections is through our new Post Production Sound and Music Apprenticeship Program. This is a diverse field encompassing many styles of music (orchestral, electronic, hip-hop, rock and much more), and music supervisors are always on the lookout for fresh talent to write the score for the latest commercial ad, romantic comedy, action-packed car-chase sequence or a video game battle with a Medieval dragon! With the right know-how and the right connections, that person could be you.

There are a lot of facets to cover in this field, not just composing the music. You’ll want to learn basic audio engineering and production skills for such things as dialogue, ADR, sound editing, foley, sound design, 5.1 Surround Sound mixing and much more. The best way to learn these skills is NOT in a vocational school classroom, but in a real recording studio, learning one-on-one from a producer/engineer who is skilled in post production. And that’s exactly where we will put you, from day one.

Recording Connection mentors have worked as sound designers, composers and mixers for some of your favorite films, including The Prince Of Egypt, Black Hawk Down, and We Were Soldiers. They’ve also done audio for video games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls. As a Recording Connection apprentice, you will have the opportunity to learn one-on-one under one of these experienced masters, and you’ll make connections you’d never be able to make in a college or vocational school classroom.

Why The Recording Connection Educational Model Works So Well.

Post-Production based sound disciplines such as Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Mixing, Foley, and Music Composition have all traditionally followed the same industry proven artistic/ trade method of the Master and his Apprentice. Getting good at this craft simply requires lots of hands-on time and “one to one” feedback specifically tailored to each individual’s talents and unique skill set. The larger, classroom based “one size fits all” overview style of curriculum simply does not allow for sufficient training nor provide the depth of experience necessary to succeed, let alone gain entry into today’s Post Sound and Music field.

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Why The Recording Connection Mentor-Apprentice Approach Works So Well with Film/TV Composing

Disciplines like composing, post production mixing, sound design, foley and dialogue editing are specialty skills that have been traditionally taught one-on-one, master-to-apprentice. Mastering these skills requires something more than classroom-based training—it requires hands-on practice and direct, personalized feedback from someone who actually does these things for a living. Even people in this business who have graduated from overpriced audio schools or film schools admit that their real training happened in the studio after they graduated. So why go to the unnecessary trouble and expense of classroom-based instruction when you could learn one-on-one from an experienced, successful film/TV/game composer in his/her own studio, and for less money, at that? This is exactly why the Recording Connection teaching approach is the perfect solution for up-and-coming composers for film, television and video games.

Your future isn’t in the classroom. Your future is in the studio. To learn more, apply for free today!

How To Make All Those Hours You Spent On Video Games Pay Off

The Video Game Industry is all grown up and become a rather substantial market. Along with this development the experience level and technical expertise required for Sound and Music professionals seeking work in this field has also grown. Providing Audio and Music for Video Games requires a very specialized set of skills well-beyond Post-Production Sound alone. Individuals seeking to work and succeed in this area often have to demonstrate knowledge and experience in all aspects of sound and music as well as some basic understanding of computer programming and asset management. The fact is that there are very few if any places in existence where you are able to get the level or quality of education and hands-on experience that today’s Video Game Companies demand.

Note: This course is not yet available in British Columbia. Please see our Audio Engineering or Music Producing courses.

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