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Electronic Music Production

Electronic Music Production School

+ Learn Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, CuBase and Reason from a professional DJ, Producer or Performer
+ Learn in a real recording studio or yours. You decide.
+ Build your own Project Studio.
+ You tell us your Favorite Genres of Electronic Music and we will help you produce that type of music.
+ Make music for Film and TV
+ Graduate as a Certified Electronic Music Producer



There’s only one problem. You’re too smart to be fooled by traditional audio engineering schools. You know that you need connections, knowledge, and experience to succeed not just some worthless piece of paper that says that you graduated.

In order to further your career as an electronic music producer, you need to have connections within the electronic music world. You need to have a lot of connections. Not just one or two. You need fifty, a hundred, or two hundred. You need people who are in high places to know who you are. You need to have your foot in the door.

Making the right choice for your career can be difficult. With so many options and so many schools, there’s always a fear of choosing incorrectly. Look at it this way. You want to be an electronic music producer. So, why not study with a professional electronic music producer?

The Recording Connection Audio School is the only audio apprenticeship program that allows you to break into the biz, make connections, and study all at the same time. We’re leagues above every other audio engineering school.

The Recording Connection is the school of the future, plain and simple. We’re the only school that helps you learn the craft and the business simultaneously.

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Get Educated About The Recording Connection

Your career as an electronic music producer starts right now. From this moment on you’re a producer. You work in a studio, you have connections in the industry, you’re a producer.
The Recording Connection has over four hundred electronic music producers willing and able to mentor you all throughout the United States.

Learn from Industry Pros

If you’re accepted to our audio engineering, producer, or music creation program you will learn from the best. You’ll be learning from the people who produced the records of Lady Gaga, Arrowsmith, Nine Inch Nails, and many many more.

Welcome Future Electronic Music Producers

Don’t be fooled by other schools. All they want is your money. All we want is to jumpstart your career.

Other schools are three times what our tuition costs. We train you for less money because we don’t want you going into debt. We want you to be successful. We want you to go out and write electronic music. We don’t want you to have to take some crappy day job in order to pay the bills.

Don’t be a student, my friend. Be an apprentice. Studying is great, but honing your craft in a real world setting is the key to your career. When people see you being an electronic music producer in a real studio, they’ll think to themselves ‘I should hire this person, they obviously know what they’re doing. ‘

The only way that you’re going to fully actualize your dream of becoming an electronic music producer is by getting in the thick of it and really going for it.

It’s never too late to start. Apply below today so that you can be starting your career tomorrow. It’s all up to you. Your future is there for the taking.

Note: This course is not yet available in British Columbia. Please see our Audio Engineering or Music Producing courses.

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Video TutorialHow to Make a Dubstep Wobble in Logic Pro X
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