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Chaka Harley

Chaka Harley - One of Recording Connection's Top Mentors

The Recording Connection Audio Institute is proud to have Chaka Harley as one of our top mentors.

Imagine learning the ins and outs of audio engineering one-on-one from a powerful engineer and producer who has worked with Ciara, Jody Joe, Juan Santiago, Shirley Caesar and others. Meet Chaka Harley of Playground Studios in South Carolina, one of the Recording Connection’s most acclaimed mentors.

The Recording Connection Audio Institute is the only training program in the world that can place you in the recording studio to be trained privately by producers like Mr. Harley, learning his techniques, secrets and tricks of the trade. It’s not a fantasy—Recording Connection students apprentice with Mr. Harley and others like him every day. Our 30-year history of success is what draws high-profile producers and engineers to teach for us.

The Recording Connection can pair you with a highly experienced producer/engineer, one who has actual album credits from some of your favorite artists. Not only will you learn the ropes from a master, but you’ll also have the opportunity to make connections you would never get in a vocational school classroom.

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