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Top 10+ Advantages of the Recording Connection Audio Institute


We are the only school in the world that trains every student on-the-job in a real recording studio, which means your “classroom” can be the studio down the street! With our connections to the recording industry, we have mentors teaching our students in real recording studios all across Canada, as well as the U.S., the U.K. and even Australia! Think of it: no relocating to another town. No need to quit your job. No moving expenses. Go to class in a real recording studio within driving distance, and learn ONE-ON-ONE from an experienced producer/engineer. Why would you go anywhere else?
More locations than any other school. Advantage: Recording Connection.



The tuition rates for other audio schools are so high that you’re almost guaranteed to graduate with a crushing burden of debt. (That may be why it’s difficult even to find the posted tuition rates for some of them, or why they itemize fees in such a way that it’s difficult to figure out what the school will actually cost.) The Canada Recording Connection tuition rates are very low, with no hidden fees or surprises ($12,772 CAD from beginning to end). Everything is included in the fee: books, mentoring, Pro Tools, tutoring sessions, even job placement assistance.
Affordable tuition, no hidden charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Do you want to be a producer? An audio engineer? A club DJ? A beat maker? Are you into pop, rock, country, jazz, R&B, club DJ? A hip-hop or electronic music? The Recording Connection curriculum can be tailored for many careers and interests within the music industry. And it all happens on-the-job, in real recording studios, with your own personal mentor personalizing your education.
Curriculum should not be one-size-fits all. The Recording Connection offers a flexible curriculum tailored to your needs, interests and goals. Advantage: Recording Connection.


One of the biggest differences between the Recording Connection and other audio schools is that with us, you are not a student in a classroom—you are an apprentice in a real recording studio. This is not an “internship” where you only do chores for the studio and hope someone notices. This is an actual apprenticeship, where a seasoned music producer or audio engineer is training you one-on-one. There’s no better way to learn the secrets of success in the recording industry—and NO OTHER SCHOOL does it the way we do.
Other schools put you in a classroom. We put you in the heart of the action. Advantage: Recording Connection.



The so-called “job placement assistance” from most schools consists of giving you a list of possible employers and job openings and wishing you luck. The Recording Connection gives you more than lip service when it comes to job placement. First—the very act of placing you in a real studio as an apprentice gives you the opportunity to position yourself for a possible job in the studio through hard work and commitment. Second—our /job-assistance/Stay Connected Job Assistance Program takes an active role in helping you find employment for up to a full year after graduation.
True job placement assistance, not “in name only”. Advantage: Recording Connection.

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Perhaps you don’t just want to record and mix other people’s music—you want to record and produce your own music. We understand. That’s why with our program, you’ll have the opportunity to use your new skills to record and produce your own music, and you’ll learn how to get it heard by industry professionals once it’s completed.
A school that’s not just about passing tests, but about helping you accomplish your dreams. Advantage: Recording Connection.



The digital revolution has changed the way most studios record music. By learning in the studio, you’ll have access to the latest gear and software that studios are using to make hit records today, and your mentor will show you one-on-one how to use it all. From vintage preamps to Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton, you’ll learn the tricks the pros use.
No competing for lab time with other students to learn how to use the gear. With our program, you get access to the real deal in the studio, and one-on-one mentoring to learn it all. Advantage: Recording Connection.


The term “hands-on” is used frequently by lots of audio schools that want to convince you that their classrooms and simulated studios will teach you what you need to know. The truth is, there is no substitute for the dynamic of working in a real recording studio, and therefore there is NO WAY that those classrooms and labs can fully prepare you. That is why we bypass the classroom environment completely. From day one of your training, you are an apprentice inside an actual studio, so you get a true understanding of how things work with real studios, real deadlines, and the pressures and demands of real clients. Anything less than this is not true hands-on training!
Classes in a real recording studio, not in a campus lab studio. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We believe classrooms are no place to learn the recording arts, and we believe you shouldn’t have to compete with other student’s for your instructor’s attention. The skills of recording and producing are too specific to be learned in a classroom environment. That’s why we place you for one-on-one instruction with your mentor. As an apprentice in a real recording studio, it’s just you and your mentor, no other students around. Ask any questions you need to ask, and go over the material until you understand it. You’ll learn more quickly and effectively in this situation than you would in any classroom.
One student to one teacher, always. Advantage: Recording Connection.

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When we say you’ll be learning from the pros, we aren’t making idle boasts. Our mentors work with some of the biggest names in the business, recording Gold and Platinum records with the likes of Prince, U2, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Jay Z, Eminem, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Black Eyed Peas…the list goes on and on. Imagine walking into a recording studio with gold records lining the hallways so the person who MADE those records can teach you one-on-one! With the Recording Connection, this isn’t fantasy—it happens to our students all the time.
Teachers at other schools have college degrees on their walls. Ours have Gold and Platinum records on theirs. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We are recommended and endorsed by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, for one simple reason: they know our methods work. They know that classrooms aren’t the place to gain experience and make connections for your future. They know that if you want to work in the music business, you need to spend time around people in the music business, and you need to learn directly from them. That’s what you get with the Recording Connection—the chance to learn the music industry from people who are actually inside it, making a living doing what you want to do!
Other schools might have a few professional endorsements here and there. We have hundreds of them. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Most audio school graduates are on the “outside” of the industry trying to break in. One of the greatest advantages of the Recording Connection is that you are placed on the “inside” from day one! By learning directly from a real producer/engineer in the studio, you have the ability to make powerful connections on a regular basis, to prove your skills, to build a solid reputation, and to be the first person to be considered for the next job opening. (Not to mention that you learn how the music business really works. Try learning that in a classroom.)
Other audio students are outside, pounding on the door. You’re the one on the inside who answers the door. Advantage: Recording Connection.

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The Recording Connection’s tuition is all-inclusive: books, lessons, studio time, Pro Tools, etc. Another thing we offer with our tuition that other schools don’t is UNLIMITED FREE TUTORING. If you have a nagging question on technical issues, a problem with your practice lab, or need help with your homework, you don’t have to wait until your next scheduled lesson to ask your mentor (unless, of course, you want to). All you have to do is contact Student Services to schedule a free tutoring session, and one of our experts will get online with you to help solve your problem.
With the other schools, you’re on your own. With our program, we’re with you all the way with free unlimited tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Connections are such a huge part of what we do that it’s part of our name! From the beginnings of the Recording Connection nearly three decades ago, we’ve known that one of the most valuable things we could offer our students is the chance to connect to the music industry. And no one else can do it like we can! Clients, producers, industry executives—they all pass through the studios all the time. One of the most valuable benefits of placing you as an apprentice in the recording studio is that you have the opportunity to meet and connect with industry professionals you’d never get to meet anywhere else. You don’t just learn the skills of recording and mixing; you also get the chance to build the relationships that can get you the jobs! In fact, this ability to connect is exactly why we have one of the highest job placement rates in the industry.
In other schools, you meet other students and teachers who aren’t working in the industry. In ours, you get to meet real industry people. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Did you know that most music industry professionals are entrepreneurs? They are in business for themselves, and more importantly, they have learned how to think outside the box to make a living in the rapidly changing landscape of the music industry. You don’t just need to learn to record and mix music—you need to learn how these people think. The best way to teach this is to put you in their work places and let you work with them—and that’s exactly what we do! If you only treat this like a “job,” you’ll be at the mercy of change. If you learn to think like an entrepreneur, you’ll always be able to forge a living in this business. It’s one of the most important reasons why we place you as an apprentice in the recording studio.
Other schools teach you to turn the knobs. We teach you to think like a music industry businessperson. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Note: Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production is the only program currently available to students located in British Columbia.

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