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Michael 'Fish' Herring

Michael ‘Fish’ Herring

While great players are said to be cut from the proverbial cloth, Michael “Fish” Herring’s particular piece must be taken from an intricate quilt, lovingly and expertly crafted over the years.

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Larry Klein

Larry Klein

Professional musician, sought after session player, songwriter and producer Larry Klein is a frequent musical collaborator with the legendary Joni Mitchell, with whom he has produced 5 records. arry has also worked as producer or…

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Brian Virtue

Brian Virtue

Brian Virtue is one of the most well respected producers for alternative rock and rock. He has worked with 30 Seconds to Mars, Jane’s Addiction, AudioSlave, Chevelle, and the Deftones, to name a few. He lives in Nashville…

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Billy Flores

Billy Flores

Billy Flores graduated from The Recording Connection Audio Institute in 1990. Since then he has gone on to work live sound as a chief engineer for Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas, The Rolling Stones, Sting, BB King…

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John Travis

John Travis

So where do I start? Well, I grew up in London in the Seventies and was lucky enough to have grown up listening to T-Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Thin Lizzy, Slade etc. I started going to see bands playing live at…

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Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene

What do Megadeth, Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Gladys Knight, Tonic, NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use For a Name, Good Riddance, Pulley, Cheap Trick, Lita Ford, Authority Zero, Strung Out, Patty La Belle, Dishwalla, Sick of it all…

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Steven Baughman

Steven Baughman

The Pussycat Dolls, Usher, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child, Pink and Snoop Dogg are just a handful of the top-selling artists that Grammy Award-winner Steven “Steve B” Baughman has worked with. A California native, Steve…

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Bryan Carlstrom

Bryan Carlstrom

Los Angeles based – Bryan Carlstrom – has carved out his own niche in the music scene from over 20 years of making loud guitar driven records. Multiple gold, platinum and diamond album credits back up his reputation…

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Jose Alcantar

Jose Alcantar

If you want to privately apprentice with me and partake in the world that I participate in within the audio engineering field, then apply by clicking the button below

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Preston Boebel

Preston Boebel

Preston Boebel was born on the banks of Interstate 5. A “Valley Boy” his entire life, he has been the Chief Engineer at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood, Ca since 2000.  Boebel is a graduate of the Recording Connection’s…

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A Unique School for Audio Engineering/Music Production

We are the school recommended by music producers and audio engineers who work with:  

Learn from the music producer who recorded Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
Learn music producing from Lenny Kravitz's music producer Lenny Kravitz
Learn in the studio where Alicia Keys records Alicia Keys
Learn where Pearl Jam records Pearl Jam
Learn where Paul McCartney records Paul McCartney
Your classroom is in Dr. Dre's recording studio Dr. Dre
Learn audio engineering from Michael Jackson's audio engineer Michael Jackson
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded the The White Stripes The White Stripes


Learn music producing from 50 Cent's music producer 50 Cent
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder
Learn in the studio where Mary J. Blige's records Mary J. Blige
Learn from the music producer who recorded Outkast Outkast
Want to learn from the guy who records Mos Def? Mos Def
Want to learn from the guy who recorded M.I.A.? M.I.A
Learn in the studio where Usher records Usher
Learn audio engineering from Soundgarden's audio engineer Soundgarden
Want to learn from the guy who records U2? U2
Learn music producing from David Bowie's music producer David Bowie
Want to learn from the guy who records Eminem? Eminem
Learn music producing from Prince's music producer Prince
Our school is in Jack Johnson's recording studio Jack Johnson
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Alice in Chains Alice in Chains
Our school is in The Black Crowes' recording studio The Black Crowes
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
Learn from the music producer who recorded The Black Eyed Peas Black Eyed Peas


No matter where they are in the world, music industry executives, producers and audio engineers all seem to agree that the best way to launch a successful career in the music business is by learning the skills in a real recording studio from a working industry pro—NOT from a traditional school. Even those professionals who went to school typically admit that they REALLY learned to do what they do by actually working in the studio! The Recording Connection Audio Institute is a unique program, the only school in the world that offers exclusive in-studio apprenticeships to its students as THE BEST way to learn audio engineering and music production. It’s an extremely affordable and highly effective learning method that also helps our students make insider industry connections while they learn.


Here’s a little industry “secret”: CONVENTIONAL RECORDING SCHOOLS ARE A JOKE. They charge a lot of money to give you a meaningless degree or diploma, load you with a mountain of student debt, and do basically nothing to get you connected to the real recording industry. Music professionals know this, and that’s why our revolutionary mentor/apprentice approach has earned high marks and glowing endorsements from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. They know, as we do, that there’s a better way to be educated in the recording arts—and it’s by getting educated in a real recording studio, not in a college classroom. One of our supporters puts it this way:

“The reason I work with the Recording Connection Audio Institute is because I believe in its approach to teaching audio engineering, mixing and music producing. The student’s classroom is a real recording studio, many of which I’ve worked with, so they’re the real deal. The teacher, or as they call them, the mentor teaches one student at a time. The student is both intern and apprentice, and by just being around this recording studio environment they get connection with music professionals.”

– Tim Palmer (Audio Engineer, Music Producer) for David Bowie, U2, The Cure, Duran Duran, Pearl Jam



Time for a reality check: the music industry is fiercely competitive. It takes more than just a college education and a little bit of desire to make it as a music producer or audio engineer, you’ve got to be incredibly smart about your approach to breaking into the business. The fact is, you’re not going to break into this business by taking classes at a traditional school, because all you can get there is a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of debt—and NO industry connections to help you put those skills to use. Recording Connection offers a smarter, no-nonsense alternative approach, one that skips the middle man and puts you in the heart of the action, in a real recording studio, where you get a quality education in music production and audio engineering one-on-one from a world-class professional.

Do you have the courage to get your education the smart way? Are you ready to do what it takes to bypass the middle man? Are you serious about a career as a music producer or audio engineer? Then it’s time to cut to the chase and learn the REAL music business from the inside out. That’s what Recording Connection Audio Institute is all about.


How It All Works

One-on-One Private Tutoring

At Recording Connection Audio Institute, our class size is always one student to one instructor, and all learning takes place one-on-one using our structured course curriculum in audio engineering and music production. Rather than hiring a full-time college professor who instructs up to 60 students at once, we place you with a real music producer or audio engineer (called a mentor) who is actually making a living in the music industry. Your mentor will have years of experience, real album credits, and could even be a Grammy Award winner. This industry pro will become your personal instructor, offering you private tutoring one-on-one.


At our accredited school, there is really no such thing as a “typical” classroom environment. Instead, you will go to class inside a real recording studio, learning from your mentor as you work on real recording projects, meeting dozens of industry professionals along the way.

The choice is before you: you can learn music production and audio engineering by apprenticing inside a real recording studio under a seasoned music professional; OR you can spend 75% more money to attend class in a room with dozens of other students, taught by a trade school instructor, in a place nowhere near an actual recording studio.

Put this way, it sounds ridiculous; how could anyone with any amount of sense choose to learn audio engineering in a classroom over learning from a professional in a real-world studio? And yet, many people continue to attend traditional schools while racking up loads of debt—simply because they are ill-advised and misinformed.

The reality is, in almost every situation, traditional recording schools are unable to connect their students to the music industry with any degree of consistency. You never hear of record companies or recording artists making their records in schools—it just doesn’t happen. So how, indeed could these institutions truly help their students make those all-important connections?

They can’t. Plain and simple.

But we can. Apply Here for Free


The difference between an INTERN and an APPRENTICE is a major one. Interns are essentially unpaid errand-runners, doing the things around the studio no one else wants to do, and hopefully picking up nuggets of knowledge along the way. Apprentices are actually students who are being groomed for industry positions through one-on-one instruction.

So let’s make this clear: although our tuition is amazingly low, we are not asking you to pay us for an internship. As a student of Recording Connection Audio Institute, you are NOT an intern; you are an APPRENTICE. Your tuition is paying for your education in that capacity. While there will naturally be some interning tasks here and there, 90 percent of your time will be spent doing the work of an apprentice.

Here’s what it looks like to be a Recording Connection student apprentice: you attend class inside the recording studio a minimum of two days a week (or as much as 7 times a week, according to your availability). You will study the arts of music production and audio engineering through one-on-one sessions with your mentor. You will read, study, do homework, and practice HANDS-ON, a LOT, in the studio and on your own time. In this manner, you will learn the recording arts by actually doing them. You will learn by doing under the personal instruction of your mentor (i.e., a professional music producer or audio engineer), coupled with hours of practice.


The Recording Connection Audio Institute is all about industry connections—and we have been developing those connections with some of the biggest names in the business for nearly three decades now. We have received glowing endorsements from industry pros like Larry Klein, Billy Flores, Steven Baughman, Tim Palmer, Bryan Carlstrom, Warren Huart, Patchwerk Studios, Ryan Greene, John Travis and a whole lot of others. The reason they endorse our audio engineering program is simply because they recognize it as more sensible, more effective as more cost-efficient than any other audio school they’ve ever heard of.

Once we accept you as a Recording Connection student, we will work our many industry connections to place you for apprenticeship with a reputable, experienced Music Producer or Audio Engineer. Over the following six months, you will study inside a real recording studio several times a week, learning on-on-one from your mentor as you follow our structured course curriculum. Best of all, because you’ll be learning in a real-world music industry environment, you’ll have the chance to meet a whole lot of other music industry professionals (people who could potentially hire you), which means your education and job networking take place all at once!


No—of course not. We could never make that kind of promise in good conscience, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. You’ve chosen to pursue a career in the music business, one of the most fiercely competitive businesses on the planet. That’s the stark reality, and we won’t fill your mind with inflated promises just to get you to become our student.
However, before you give up on this, we CAN tell you the following:

  • In a business as tough as the music industry, it makes a lot more sense to learn the recording arts in a place where the real action is happening (i.e, in a recording studio, not in a classroom). If we accept you as a student, we WILL put you in the recording studio; that we will promise.
  • You’ll have a much better chance of getting hired in the music business if you have prior relationship with the people doing the hiring. When we place you for apprenticeship inside a real studio, you’ll have the chance to form those relationships.
  • We can also tell you that currently over 70 percent of our graduates DO get hired in the music industry—and many of them get hired before they graduate, and/or get hired by the same studio where we placed them for apprenticing.

So while we can’t guarantee your future, Recording Connection can certainly multiply your chances for success as a music producer or audio engineer, simply by putting you in the right place at the right time, and by educating you using the most effective method possible: one-on-one training.

One other thing we should mention: we don’t sit idly by while you try to figure out your own job connections within our program. Every student is automatically eligible for extended job placement assistance through our Stay Connected Program. We have designed this service to help our graduates make the most of their education by positioning themselves to be hired. If you need it, once you graduate, you can avail yourself of our one-on-one job counseling to take your career to the next level.


If you are street smart (as we discussed earlier); if you are ready to be at the top of your game; if you are genuinely serious about forging a successful career in music recording; then it only makes sense to put yourself inside a real recording studio, studying as an apprentice under a working industry professional. There’s no other choice, if you really want to succeed.

Although we make no guarantees toward your future, we’re committed to helping you make it; so we don’t sit idly by and leave you to figure out your own connections within our program. Instead, we offer extended job placement assistance through our Stay Connected Program. We’ve designed this service to help our graduates make the most of their education and take their careers to the next level. Discover what our one-on-one job counseling can do for you.

Apply Now For Free


If you are genuinely serious about forging a successful music industry career, and if you are willing to do what it takes to be at the top of your game, then it only makes sense to put yourself inside a real recording studio, studying as an apprentice under a working industry professional. There’s no other choice, if you really want to succeed.

Chances are, if you have read this far, you are likely a person with a dream. You probably dream of becoming the next Timbaland, Diddy, Jimmy Iovine, Dave Rezitas, Bob Clearmountain, or Tim Palmer—or perhaps your dream is to be a celebrated self-producing musician like Trent Reznor or Dr. Dre. If that’s you, we are highly committed to helping you achieve those dreams.
However, for a bit of reality, we urge you to read this next part carefully—both you, and your parents:

If you’re serious about making it in this business, you need to do it right—and that means you need to keep your debt low, make as many industry connections as possible, and learn the arts of audio engineering and music production from successful industry professionals—people who are doing, right now, what you want to be doing for a living. Trying to learn the industry by any other means is a waste of time and money, and can only hurt your chances in the long run. If you don’t believe us when we say this, we urge you to listen to the pros. Read what industry professionals have to say about Recording Connection and our unique method of education.

Are You Accredited?

Absolutely. We have been fully accredited and recognized by two agencies: the United States Bureau of Accredited Schools (USBAS) and the National Private School Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA). We are also members in good standing with the following music industry organizations.

In addition to our full accreditation, Recording Connection Audio Institute does not charge any application fees or up-front expenses. Before spending a dime on us, you will meet and interview with your prospective mentor, tour the recording facility where you’ll be studying, and be offered plenty of time to talk with family and significant others to decide whether our school is right for you.

How am I going to pay for this?

The Recording Connection has many options and tools to assist with your tuition costs, and our Admissions Department can help you secure the financing you need. Additionally, we are proudly able to offer in-house financing. This is an ideal solution for students because it helps students save money, and build credit by paying off their student loan more quickly.

To learn more, call The Recording Connection at 604.259.0585, and ask for The Admissions Department. You can also fill out the application above, and we will contact you to assist you in finding the financial program for you.

Full Time, Part Time, Nights and Weekend course options are available.